Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Constant Surprises

Alright, more silk screen stuff!

I seem to be enjoying it vastly. The last three projects I've done for school have been nothing but silk screen. I am just feeling the flat colors and transparencies you get work really well with my current style.

Also some more photoshop stuff:

We had to do short story illustrations for class so I did one off of Haruki Murakami's Little Green monster. A delightful story of a creature that bleeds from the eyes when it's sad and it just gets stranger from there.

And as promised from last post, here's some music from Little Dragon.

What a fantastic voice but man, she needs some dancing lessons.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little memories, marching on.

Oh my goodness, sketchbook dump!

And for good measure, my last silk screen project:

It's suppose to be based off the character Malachi Constant from Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan. It's a bit crusty but I've been in this phase of doing grimy sketches and drawings and I am quite enjoying it. I swear I'll get back to pretty things, one of these days.

Also my last photoshop doodle, a little odd Martian landscape based off the coyote buttes:

Woo, look at all dem doodles! I really do need to start posting more than twice a week.

As for current music, the new Gorillaz album "Plastic Beach" just came out and it has blown my socks clear off. I've always been a fan and the band is a cool concept but this time it's just so tight and well crafted it reminds me why Damon Albarn is one of my favorite musicians. Best track off this is definitely empire ants:

The female vocalist that guest on this is part of Little Dragon, an amazing band I discovered thanks to this album. I'll post about them next time cause damn, too much stuff in one!