Thursday, March 31, 2011

You lucky so and so

And also, a wood panel piece I did for me and Barbara's one year anniversary. Another year to hoping I don't fuck it up!

And for recent music, I literally cannot stop listening to Deerhoof's new album

I mean that, as in it's so good I might die if I do stop listening to it on repeat.

How long

And the sketch pile!

How long

Welp, it's getting close. I am down to the last month and half of school and then I shall be graduated. It's an odd feeling but I would really like to get on with my adult life at 25, it has been a bit delayed.

That said, 10 week review came up for illustration which mean we had 10 fully finished illustrations due WHICH ALSO MEANS I got a lot o' things to post, which I will commence with forthwith.

The first being a cover I did for the Cloud Atlas, an amazing book written by David Mitchel I can not recommend enough. It's a story about six different people through 6 different time spans and how they interweave. Outstandingly well written and impressively intricate. ANYWAYS COVER:

The project before that was me trying to illustrate mythological figures in a modern setting so I went with the African goddess Ala, one who represents both birth and death which means that's a boatload of good imagery to work with. HERE:

Another illustration I did recently on modern mythology was on Jack Fiddler and the sucker tribe. It's a complicated event involving murder, rightful land, cannibalism and the mythology of the wendigo that took place in Ontario in the 1920's. Sad and intricate at best:

And the last post for this entry is a touch up on an old poster design I did for ANTI records. I quite like it a lot more now:

Phew, more stuff coming.