Friday, July 31, 2009

We are the robots

So I am making more than two post this month, hopefully I can make twice as many in August. Considering school's starting and a lot of stuff is up and coming, shouldn't be a problem.

I had to recently sign the NDA with red fly studios for the game concept art I am doing so sorry guys, no art until late on that! None the less it's got me feeling PUMPED.


Why must it all be so catchy? It never leaves my brain. I recently got their album Radioactivity on vinyl and it's been on repeat quite a few days now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bustin' out the new lay out

Liking the colors and new header. If anyone feels otherwise, let me know because I am not a good judge of such things sometimes.

In case things go poorly and I not return

So I have returned from all my vacationing and music going and general dumbassery with some drawings and comics. Most of them are ideas and sketchs so I am only posting two:

I started typing up this post wanting to write something deep and nice about the recent comic and idea I am working on but I am so tired of talking shit up I just want to get more pages done and feel half way decent about finishing an idea. I am such a huge gay nerd baby who loves run on sentences jeeeeesh.

I am going to see about readjusting and making this blog look a little better within this week but for now here is the usual music I am going to post that people should take a gander at with their ears:

Seriously fantastic song, Bill Callahan has made the best album this year so far and he has a beard in this link. Work that beard Billy, work it like you mean it!