Thursday, November 24, 2011


And also here is this, because the world never has enough Walter White in it.

I have fallen head over heels for Breaking Bad and I am pretty sure I am going to have to do Jesse Pinkman next. Or Saul Goodman. OR FUCK IT, BOTH!

Also for music I've been shoving into my ears lately, here is this:

Real Estate is a pretty great band and the fact it's an entire video about how sweet dogs are makes it as enjoyable as nutella and bananas.

It's real

So here is a bunch of sketches to follow that update from yesterday.

Still figuring out what I want to do about that comic. Right now I am thinking I might make another blog linked to this one and update it twice a week. I should know soon'ish.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back, in pog form.

Ok, ok, I know I do this every few months but this time I am back and with good news AND A REASON! I have been working on a comic and it's going swimmingly. I am about 7 pages right now and I am figuring out exactly how I want to do this. Either it's going to all be posted here or I might end up making a seperate site just for the comic. Still figuring it out. Anyways, here are some snippets of it.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And one demon, for now

I have not forgotten about this series I was working on, fret not.

Fun times. This guy would be an awfully handy demon to summon.

The Sixty-seventh Spirit is Amdusias, or Amdukias. He is a Duke Great and Strong, appearing at first like a Unicorn, but at the request of the Exorcist he standeth before him in Human Shape, causing Trumpets, and all manner of Musical Instruments to be heard, but not soon or immediately. Also he can cause Trees to bend and incline according to the Exorcist's Will. He giveth Excellent Familiars. He governeth 29 Legions of Spirits. And his Seal is this, etc.

Also as usual, this is what I listened to as I finished it. A fun album if you can withstand the voice but catchy as fuck. Her weird vocals almost become there own beat with how odd and constant they are.

Some sketches of things I've done lately

Working on some concept art with two friends, I can only show you one of them though. The lament of a disclosure!

Just sketches for now.

Friday, August 5, 2011

And some Illustrations


Chinese Grave Guards!


I'll be posting quite a bit more this month to catch up for the last two months. In fact here's some more music links to celebrate this prosperity for us all.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Also here are some sketches

Been getting into a nice groove lately but sadly I can't post a lot of work. I've been working with a friend on a game and I have a DA going for it so no go till much later.


Yes, it has been a month or two since I have posted after being so constant but I have been working on a new website that lets me upload this blog to it, so huzzah!

Check it out:

You can even buy prints and I am quite happy with the whole product.

Jens Lekman has a new EP coming so that means it's time for me to womp it up.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Aforementioned promise sketch dump commencing:

and this last one I am currently working on a screen print on now that I have been working at sputnik for one of my internships as a monitor, I should have some more print making stuff posted here in the next few weeks ahead which is exciting.

and finally some music to fit that whole feeling of post graduation pure boredom mixed with staying on the ball at drawing:

New Jesu album is pretty damn amazing.

It's a slow life

So I am all graduated now, definitely as boring as I predicted but it does feel good to be done and also to sleep in till 12 each day. Got two internships I am working and one of them will turn into a paying job after 60 days so got that covered as well. Now I just have to be conservative with my last bit of cash until then. Anyways, the drawomgs:

My last illustration I did for school and I have to say, there is nothing more fun than drawing yourself beheaded.

and another retake on my anti piece, because I just wanted to get it just right.

Next, sketches.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Also those projects

Last few things I've been working on, including a poster design I did for Big Hugs Stout by Half Acre:

and a piece on King Solomon and the cultist demonology based around the Ars Goetia:

It's actually a bit odd this post because I feel I have more to post but they're all old pieces I am reworking for my portfolio. I'd hate be redundant and I do want to start trying to make more post on this blog just outside of just my art, all the time. Figure it's time to start doing more stuff with this blog.


Final week of school

Dis is me

b-b-b-bonus doodle:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The 68th demon, Belial, makes his way around to say the least. He appears outside of the lesser key of Solomon in a lot of texts and writings on demons and the occult. He even appears in the dead sea scrolls described, "But for corruption thou hast made Belial, an angel of hostility. All his dominion is in darkness, and his purpose it to bring about wickedness and guilt."

His entry in the lesser key reads as, "The Sixty-eighth Spirit is Belial. He is a Mighty and a Powerful King, and was created next after Lucifer. He appeareth in the Form of Two Beautiful Angels sitting in a Chariot of Fire. He speaketh with a Comely Voice, and declareth that he fell first from among the worthier sort, that were before Michael, and other Heavenly Angels. His Office is to distribute Presentations and Senatorships, etc.; and to cause favour of Friends and of Foes. He giveth excellent Familiars, and governeth 50 Legions of Spirits. Note well that this King Belial must have Offerings, Sacrifices and Gifts presented unto him by the Exorcist, or else he will not give True Answers unto his Demands. But then he tarrieth not one hour in the Truth, unless he be constrained by Divine Power. And his Seal is this, which is to be worn as aforesaid, etc."

This guy(s) wants to fuck up your day.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

You lucky so and so

And also, a wood panel piece I did for me and Barbara's one year anniversary. Another year to hoping I don't fuck it up!

And for recent music, I literally cannot stop listening to Deerhoof's new album

I mean that, as in it's so good I might die if I do stop listening to it on repeat.

How long

And the sketch pile!

How long

Welp, it's getting close. I am down to the last month and half of school and then I shall be graduated. It's an odd feeling but I would really like to get on with my adult life at 25, it has been a bit delayed.

That said, 10 week review came up for illustration which mean we had 10 fully finished illustrations due WHICH ALSO MEANS I got a lot o' things to post, which I will commence with forthwith.

The first being a cover I did for the Cloud Atlas, an amazing book written by David Mitchel I can not recommend enough. It's a story about six different people through 6 different time spans and how they interweave. Outstandingly well written and impressively intricate. ANYWAYS COVER:

The project before that was me trying to illustrate mythological figures in a modern setting so I went with the African goddess Ala, one who represents both birth and death which means that's a boatload of good imagery to work with. HERE:

Another illustration I did recently on modern mythology was on Jack Fiddler and the sucker tribe. It's a complicated event involving murder, rightful land, cannibalism and the mythology of the wendigo that took place in Ontario in the 1920's. Sad and intricate at best:

And the last post for this entry is a touch up on an old poster design I did for ANTI records. I quite like it a lot more now:

Phew, more stuff coming.

Monday, January 31, 2011


So the final semester has started and I am arting it hard. I am also making sure I am not doing this blindly and I have my resume together as well as working deligently on a portfolio site for all my art. It feels good to have a grasp on where I want to go with both my career and art and I really got to thank Barbara for helping me focus my usually unfocused self. Anyways, the arting:

More demons from the Ars Goetia, specifically Decarabia and Seere.

Here's their info as well:
The Seventieth Spirit is Seere, Sear, or Seir. He is a Mighty Prince, and Powerful, under AMAYMON, King of the East. He appeareth in the Form of a Beautiful Man, riding upon a Winged Horse. His Office is to go and come; and to bring abundance of things to pass on a sudden, and to carry or recarry anything whither thou wouldest have it to go, or whence thou wouldest have it from. He can pass over the whole Earth in the twinkling of an Eye. He giveth a True relation of all sorts of Theft, and of Treasure hid, and of many other things. He is of an indifferent Good Nature, and is willing to do anything which the Exorcist desireth. He governeth 26 Legions of Spirits. And this his Seal is to be worn, etc.

The Sixty-ninth Spirit is Decarabia. He appeareth in the Form of a Star in a Pentacle, at first; but after, at the command of the Exorcist, he putteth on the image of a Man. His Office is to discover the Virtues of Birds and Precious Stones, and to make the Similitude of all kinds of Birds to fly before the Exorcist, singing and drinking as natural Birds do. He governeth 30 Legions of Spirits, being himself a Great Marquis. And this is his Seal, which is to be worn, etc.

And I forgot to upload this last month but I've been doing some collab work with my friend Joe, whose working on some writings he wants me to illustrate. Granted it's in the very early stages here is some of the preliminary sketches.

Should be a good one.

More doodles tomorrow!

A post just dedicated to this video

That is all