Monday, April 30, 2012


Been a week since I got back from Austin and man, am I slumming around. I drew quite a bit while out there but I've been in a funk I need to get out of. It's hard to keep drawing when you're your own cheerleader and not a good one at that. Anyways, DOODLES DOODLES DOODLES:
Also expect this drawing to get colored and made into a series of illustrations called "Goblin Nouveau"
I finished coloring that one illustration I was doing for a friend, just need to print the sucker up now. I really like how it turned out but I need to get producing more than a few illustrations a month, a few a week would be nice if I can make that drive.
It's been a bit since I posted what I am listening to so here is some Grimes. You will like Grimes or you will really like Grimes, THANK YOU

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Can Do That opening tomorrow

I am pretty excited for this show I am going to be in, I could spend a few lines trying to describe it but the Chicagoist has an excellent write up on it including my own piece ANTI- being the header to it. I am quite happy about that fact.
Hopefully it's a huge turn out and everyone participates in a little art procreation.

Also I forgot to upload my finished illustration of Jesse Pinkman so here you go:

As well as some fun doodles:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Z is for Zmeu

For the last letter of Alphabeasts we're going all out Zmeu

The Zmeu was a good choice for the last Alphabeasts because damn, it's described as being everything big and bad. He's a beast from Romanian mythology, usually looking to be hunted down by some lucky knight-errant when he's not off stealing maidens to do what ever a Zmeu does with maidens. A Zmeu can be anything from a dragon to Balaur and is always described as being a fantastical giant of differing origins. Since it seems he's a shape-shifting giant of sorts, I decided to go the bizarre route for what his true form would look like. Also decided to make it extra flavorful for colors again this week since I really enjoyed the design and vibrancy of the Xiuhcoatl.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Y is for Yali

My Alphabeasts for this week: Yali

Going back to the mythological monsters of Hinduism this week with the Yali. They're one of the those interesting miss match creatures that seemed to be made up of a million parts. The body of a lion, the nose of an elephant, the stance of a human and a head that's part dog and part reptile. I did my best to work this all in but I don't know if I enjoy the finished results as much as other creatures I've rendered, still better than having nothing for this week. Don't worry, Z is already done and pretty fantastic. Maybe I should start getting around to finishing A through L.

Also here's a few more of those Game of Throne quick sketches:

and hey, it's been a while since I posted any music! Here is that:

Daniel Rossen's new EP is just so full of beauty and amazing song construction it's going to ruin the next few songs I listen to that are not this.