Monday, April 19, 2010

You know, the dance floor isn't there no more

I had an interesting, fun weekend going to C2E2, a new comic con they just started in Chicago. Me and my Illustration class went to check out the artist alley which included me getting to chat with Mike Mignola and have him doodle on the first page of my sketch book. CHECK IT:

Later that afternoon I went to Topatoco's table and bought some stuff from KC Green and John Campbell as well as Anthony Clark. Me and Kc Green talked a bit and I got to awkwardly joke about how I killed that blog we were once collaborating on together... ah good times.

Anyways, time to dump some art:

Another photoshop illustration for class. This time I did as if it was an advertisement for the famous opera der ring das niblungen, also known as the ring cycle.

This was an editorial piece I did for Illustration to accommodate an essay Woody Allen wrote for the New Yorker in 1977 on ufo's in religion, history and pop art. Over all a very funny article but he wrote about Goethe and his experiences with witnessing UFO's so I went with that.

That UFO sure is having a good time, he loves dem hats.

And hey, new apples in stereo album is coming out/already leaked. Now with a healthy slice of Elijah Wood.


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