Friday, June 4, 2010

Fall in love (your funeral)

Ok, so here are some projects I finished off with for the semester:

This was for my photoshop final, a self portrait. I wanted to capture all of my influences and inspirations in one picture and I think I pulled it off well. Just look at that pug!

And this was for my printmaking final. I did a series of odd little monsters and silk screened them onto sticker sheets and then varnished them to make them nice and permanent. I made about 60 stickers altogether and handed them out to everyone on the last day.

And my last little comic for the art club I run at NIU.

Overall I felt I finished off the year nicely and I am definitely growing as an artist. Still, I don't know if I am pushing myself as hard as I should and I really need to be a lot better by the time I graduate next year. It's time to really get in gear this summer and hopefully have a ton of updates here on this blog. YEAH!!!

And for music, I've been listening to that Badu chick a lot lately. Here new album "New Amerykah Part II: Return Of The Ankh," has been pretty fantastic and gives me hope for soul again.

Such a catchy song, don't even realize it's six minutes long when it comes on my play list.