Monday, September 27, 2010

I was born out of love

And for the end of this string of updates, here is a painting:

A Painting I did over the weekend for the pocket change for global change live art auction. an event for raising money for organizations against human trade/slavery. I got to paint with some sweet artist, including Lucy Knisley and my buddy David, who is not quite as notable as her but he will be one day damn it! It was about 6 artist in total with a pretty good turn out. Only made 25 bucks on my piece but that's better than nothing.

Here is a pic of me (in background) and Dave (not background) arting it up.

And Lucy's finished piece was really ballin'

Also here is Dave's finished piece, which looked like the love child of a Jim Woodring and Gary Basemen painting, which is awesome!

The text in the background of the painting I did came from the song ambulance by Blur. It seemed to fit the mood and idea best for my concept, which was on the irreversible damage of human trade and slavery on an individual. Here's that song.

Alright, this blog is back on track. Feeeels goooood.

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