Friday, December 31, 2010

On Melancholy Hill

So this is my last post for the year and with each last post I select my favorite six albums of the year, in no particular order. But this year I have decided to make it 7 for two reasons, one being that I couldn't cut it down to just 6 because I really didn't want to give up the last one and two, no one really reads this blog so it really doesn't matter what I post or what traditions I start. I also use to do a post on the year reflecting back but now I am just finding that more and more of a practice of thinking out loud for no one but myself so yeah, axing that. For now let's just get to the music.

7 great albums to put into your ears from 2010:

Cerulean - Baths

I discovered this album a bit later in the year but it is a wonderfully beat driven electronic album with a great somber atmosphere. It follows the recent trend of self produced chillwave artist like Toro y Moi and Neon Indian but with a more ambient, well thought out composition and sound. Especially good during the winter.

How I Got Over - The Roots

Straight up great hip hop from people who are now playing for Jimmy Fallon, EVERY NIGHT. As weird as that is to think of, this is a tight album with a ton of guests from the Dirty Projectors to Joanna Newsom. Odd collaborations that end up really sound when put together.

Halcyon Digest - Deerhunter

This might be Deerhunter's most pop oriented album with fun hooks and cheery tunes on a majority of the tracks but it still has a healthy touch of shoe gaze and experimentation to keep it extremely interesting and delightfully layered. It's like if Pet Sounds and Loveless had a disgustingly beautiful mutant baby.

Gorilla Manor - Local Natives

Three part harmonies and afro-pop sounds also seem to be really popular at the moment but this group is by far making the best use of it without getting a dull sound. They remind me a lot of Midlake and Fleet Foxes mixed in with a little Paul Simon. It's a very warm sounding album with a good summer sound.

Plastic Beach - Gorillaz

So many good tracks on such an ecletic album. As much I miss Blur, I think Damon Albarn is slowly winning me over to thinking that Gorillaz is the best project he has taken on. This would have been a perfect album if it wasn't for that damn Sweepstakes track.

Teen Dream - Beach House

As weird as it sounds, every time I describe this album I like to say, "It's the best boring album possibly made." As back handed as that does sound, I think nothing can beat the amazing somber mood Teen Dream has.

One Life Stand - Hot Chip

Yet another Hot Chip album that has the perfect balance of ham-fisted lyrics and cheesy sound with elegant production and beats. It's a wonderful combination I don't think I'll ever get tired of. Also Alley Cats is probably one of my favorite songs of the year.


beerecorder said...

Gotta disagree with you on that Roots LP.
Speaking as a fan since the Organix days that is easily their worst album, ever.
The Joanna Newsom track is the only one worth mentioning as it's great but man... what happened to Black Thought as a lyricist?
I put him in my top-ten of all-time list at one point but now after this LP wouldn't even consider it!

The_ez8 said...

I do miss Black Thought's taking more of a part in the group but I still quite enjoy it. I do have to also agree that there are some weak tracks but overall I quite loved it, especially radio daze and dear god 2.0.