Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh god I got so much stuff going on now why didn't I update sooner fuuuuuuuuuuck

I just got back from my spring break visiting my bro in Austin. Had a great time but realized I should have updated before I left since it's been a bit. I got a lot of art to post, an update about comic stuff I've been working on and a write up on that skate show I was in two weeks ago to do still. For now, here's some pics from my trip since we only remembered to bring the camera when we were at an Ikea, go figure. I guess when you need a couch, you need a couch.

You can bet your bottom dollar that last pic is going to be my new profile picture :3

And for the record Austin, Texas is bad ass and I am considering looking for job prospects out there when I graduate. I spent a lot of time at Rudy's Barbecue, Waterloo records, Spider house patio and book people with my brother and a friend that was vising Austin at the same time as me. Weird coincidence but worked out nicely! I also got a lot of shit and stress out of my system and I still got some spring break left. Life is looking fine and peachy, maybe even a little supple.

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