Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Intaglio and other fancy art words

Life has been getting crazy hard lately. I'd bore you with obvious details as to why but this blog is more about art and less about bitching and crying about life in general. If you wanted that well, you pretty much could go to anyone because we all got something going down in some way. A friend of mine had to drop $3500 on a new engine for his car and another one has a freaking bed bug infection in his house leaving him with no place to sleep for the last few nights.

It's good to always remember that someone always got it worse and problems make a better person, so you know, chin up and stop being a huge baby and I dunno, listen to the ponies or wavves or something and get those fist pumping in the air or make run on sentences that never end with horrible analogies.

Anyways, been working on some Intaglio plates lately, getting ready to do a series of prints of dead cowboys with various animal skulls. Also for shits and giggles each one is named after a song from the department of eagle's album In Ear Park

I really enjoy the process, especially for all the different ways you can approach Intaglio and copper plate printing in general. In the next few days I should have some soft ground and aquatint plates to print that work off a similar method like this but with less acid baths and dangerous shanking tools (Sadly).

And have some doodles, no need to explain these really.

I've got some more stuff to update, like about the (finally) upcoming Jay Ryan show and other stuff but I'm trying to keep these post a bit shorter. Get to the real meat and bones and less of the general faggotry that is Brandon Kirkman.

And hey, spring is finally getting its lazy ass in gear and it has been quite nice out. One last wintery-esque music video before it's too late to capture that great depressing force that is the Midwest winter:

Midlake - Young Bride. I've probably watched this video and listened to this song like a million times. It's a shame this album didn't get as much attention as the Fleet Foxes first LP. Get this album if you don't got it :3

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