Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Donde Està La Playa

So here I am, it's summer time and I finally feel rested after a long stretch. Granted I've been sleeping in till 1 most of the days now and working the others it's something I needed.

A lot has happened since my last post. I passed my portfolio review with flying colors, went to an amazing illustration show that lead to my last night out in Dekalb for the Semester with a lot of crazy happenings and finally accompanied a few friends to a local anime convention full of strange, strange folks and odd smells this last weekend. I'd write in more details about these but the two key things to know are 1. on the night of the illustration show a crystal skull full of vodka was purchased and 2. at the anime convention I accompanied myself with a large, 1988 sears model boom box also known as a ghetto blaster and went around blaring rap music and garage punk as loud as possible inside of elevators and small hallways.

Here is some art I've done since the last post:

Here is some music video you should watch:

That is all for now, I'll take time for more thought out post as this summer goes by. Wish me luck strangers.

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Gray Garrison said...

St. Vincent is p bitchin... I want her to make a video for Black Rainbow