Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shit I said I was going to be better with updating

but here we are, two weeks later, with so much happening and no updates in between. Alright, after this I'll try to update every few days or at least make sure a week doesn't go in between each one.

ANYWAYS, I finished up two more of the 4" by 6" copper plates. Continuing my fun little series of dead cowboys with various animal skulls, here they are:

This one being titled "Waves Of Rye."

and this one is "In Ear Park."

I also finished up that acrylic painting of a delightful cassowary, possibly the coolest birds ever:

and as always, pugs, lots of pugs:

As for the Jay Ryan show, talk and Dianogah playing, all of it was fantastic. He was probably one of the friendliest artist I've met, was really engaging and funny and taught me some cool stuff and techniques for silk screening. He even told me to stop by and talk with him at Pitchfork since he'll be at the flat stock poster convention and his band should be playing either Saturday or Sunday. Heavily considering looking for an internships at Flat Stock.

and oh my god, the line up for the pitchfork music festival this year is downright amazing. Wavves, Vivian girls, Yo La Tango, the Walkmen, the pains of being pure at heart, grizzly bear and most of all the Flaming Lips. For anyone who knows me, reads this blog and lives in the area, you need to go or you are crazy and hate fun things.

I've got more to write about and say but like I said, need to break up these post and update more often. Watch this for now:

Phoenix has a new album coming out and the first song out for it is called 1901. Fantastic song from a fantastic band and they're going to be in Chicago in June. Fucking great year for music so far, hope the same goes for my own art by the time December gets here.

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