Friday, October 23, 2009

What did you want to see

This month I swear I am going to make two post and then next month, three! I am so tired of doing these large updates and basically having to rush everything into a few paragraphs and pics. Also the large blocks remind me how much I haven't gotten done. I am hoping for a little more diligence caused from more updates.

Here's a woodblock I finished. This was done on multiple blocks, about 4 in total:

It's a bit more abstract and blurry in form but I like the murky colors and feel. I've just kind of been in a similar mindset lately, muddy with no clear path. It's reflecting in a lot of my work lately which could be good or bad.

and heres a finished ilio for my illustration class. I did it based off a short story I really liked about a tengu. The poor guy gets struck by a bolt of divine lightning sent down from the buddha himself at the end of the story due to a forgetful monk. Basically the best way I can sum that up in one sentence since it's 4 in the morning here.

Typing too much, this image doesn't even need to be explained:


As for the usual update on new music I've been listening to let's go with Atlas Sound's new album Logos

This is a fantastic track off of it. At first I just really liked the tune but the lyrics made me fall in love with it. Especially the lines "You find yourself lost again, The better things you left behind, But looking back you may go blind." Something I remind myself of every day now.

See? If I had more updates this post wouldn't be so wordy and shitty. I'm setting a good example of a bad example for myself. GENIUS!

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