Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can I Feel Your Teeth In My Mouth

2010 is off to a pretty fast paced start, I begun classes again last week and I already have a ton of doodles to dump. So yeah, here they are:

I made this last doodle into a silkscreen for prints and t-shirts. I have an art print show I am in with some other artists as well next week at the House cafe in Dekalb, IL. with a reception on thursday, January 28th at 5pm. Pretty stoked, I got two excellent pieces in it I am proud of :3

Also for the first illustration project I had to sculpt a little monster:

I call him Blinky, we're suppose to use him for photo and lighting reference for two illustrations on good and evil environments.

I have more to update about but I'll break up the post over the next few days. Woo, so busy already.

And of course, have some music

In the form of a fun little Korean band called the Black Skirts with an amazing animated video for their song "Dientes."

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