Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When it comes to letting go, let the quicksand flow!

Here's some more doodles, let's make this nice and easy:

and the next silkscreen project, this one should be a 6 color print when done. It's going to be fun:

As for the show coming up, kinda nervous but really excited. I just like this feeling of doing art and getting recognized. Maybe this all will pay off but once again, the details for the show are that it's at the House cafe in Dekalb, IL. with a reception on thursday, January 28th at 5pm. Be there or be rhombus.

And I just found out Sondre Lerche is coming through Chicago in Feburary so I am busting out some of his older stuff, remembering how much I love it.

A good song for a slow person like me.

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