Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smooth Waters

Man I really need to get in a better routine than posting twice a month cause I am starting to get backed up with art and things I want to post about. I mean I orignally started this blog to get me drawing and to get my ideas out of my head on to some surface, not to explode them across it violently a brief few times a month. Though I do have to say that is a fun mental image.

Anyways, finished that silk screen of my little monster, Glasbermass:

Also the finished illustrations of that model I made of that other little monster:

Man it sure has been a monster month.

Also been doing some drawings in photoshop, trying to get better slowly with it:

And let's top it off with a little Vonnegut:

As for music, I've been obsessively listening to washed out:

Everything about this song and even the video remind me of growing up in Flordia. These terribly long winters make me wonder why I am out here still in the midwest, other than the good family and friends ordeal of course.

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