Monday, May 21, 2012

Starting Alphabooks with a little Cloud Atlas

So in the wake of Alphabeasts, Andrew Neal has started a new alphabetical illustration project called Alphabooks ( It's the same concept as before, going through the alphabet and illustrating each letter to a theme, this time it happens to be characters from books and stories. Seeing as how Alphabeasts kept me on the ball for illustrating weekly, I was more than excited to jump on this project.
To start off I went with Adam Ewing, the first character of six from the novel "The Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell. They are all interlinked in a very interesting way and essentially Adam Ewing is the building block of the thread. He's an American Notary on a trip to the Chatham islands in the 1850's who befriends a sociopath by the name of Dr. Henry Goose. READ THE BOOK, IT'S THE BEST.

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