Friday, April 3, 2009

When you wake up, feelin' old

Last night was the opening reception of our printmaking suite show at the Altgeld Art Museum. It was fan-fucking-tastic to say the least so here's some pictures of the set up:

I got to meet Jay Ryan (of the fantastic today as well as attend his workshop. Which actually turned out to be just us helping him do some silk screen prints but I am not complaining. It was fun to talk to him and he's one hell of a nice guy, he even gave me two free prints of the posters he did for the show.

Tomorrow Jay Ryan's band, Dianogah, is playing the house cafe so I should be getting some pretty sweet pictures as well as uploading pics from the opening night and the posters he gave me.

As for my own work lately it's just been sketches in my book since I'm in the process of finishing an acrylic painting for an illustration assignment and doing two more intaglio plates which take up so much time but look so bad ass when they are finished. It's definitely a fair trade.

Anyways, some random sketches:

and a pronto plate I forgot to post last time:

Words are a title to a Wavves song. Wavves is the best. Here is proof:

As for personal things I've been considering grad school in printmaking and have been looking at a few programs for it out in Austin by my bro. I love Chicago but I don't know how much more I can take of the Midwest. It makes me feel so stale after each winter and I miss nice, warm weather and sandals. I've also been looking around California, in the San Fransisco and San Diego area, and maybe even Oregon or Washington. I've been up here for 8 years and that's the most I've ever been in one place at one time, I think I am just too used to moving every few years now. Home for me is with people, not places.

That's it for now, more art and pics from the show and other things soon. God I need to learn how to make these post shorter ffffffffffffff

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