Monday, April 9, 2012

Z is for Zmeu

For the last letter of Alphabeasts we're going all out Zmeu

The Zmeu was a good choice for the last Alphabeasts because damn, it's described as being everything big and bad. He's a beast from Romanian mythology, usually looking to be hunted down by some lucky knight-errant when he's not off stealing maidens to do what ever a Zmeu does with maidens. A Zmeu can be anything from a dragon to Balaur and is always described as being a fantastical giant of differing origins. Since it seems he's a shape-shifting giant of sorts, I decided to go the bizarre route for what his true form would look like. Also decided to make it extra flavorful for colors again this week since I really enjoyed the design and vibrancy of the Xiuhcoatl.


Isaac said...

I really love that monster design.

The_ez8 said...

Thanks again dude, I appreciate the comments. He looks like the kind of monster that'd drop a few rupees after he was slain.